Monday, February 24, 2014

Reunion- Mendoza, Argentina

I am in LaLa  Land. My head in the clouds,

I peer through silky webs of clouds
at my new surroundings
in heaven.
they billow like independence
circulating in analgesia.
each dot a pinterest in my eye,
swimming through
viscous fluid.
the air so thick it swells my being to a new horizon
of seeing.

I turn
for the hand from the wilderness,
extension of a heart and
some meaning unfound to be untold.
I am still here where
eyes don't see.
mine fluctuate with
densities of passing factors
adrift in this cloud
of turmoil atoms and
energetic enigmas.

Speaking of enigmas,
what to do when
hold and in a
grow my pleasure to nurture.
On wounded legs,
Atlas does arise.
Shall that be my dance of triumph?
Paraplegic disrobed
before the hounds,
eyes narrowed,
we are so without.
My convulsion in sync with the
rhythm beneath.
At home in the streets
of this milky streak sky.

My heart goes out,
along these
the land,
out to upper sky
so that
you & I,
our love
can never
from clutching hearts that ne'er part,
for intertwined like a sign,
shining front in future lives
to guide the line,
my feet do climb in dermal shoes.
I'll hop a freight,
wine and dine
and find
myself in parts unknown
just to see and be
with you.

& hand in hand,
we would go
to parts far off that neither know,
but our ne'er parting hearts will have
their ways,
the longer,
this cupid stays.
Plunging love-laced daggers in
my heart
till hurt, I cry,
"Yes, with this man my heart cannot part."

Was it just the still of the night,
the wake of that water,
that lapped so slight
in the void of that night,
or the singing moon
that hummed a nonexistent tune
for our linked hearts to turn to
and in swift perception,
one noticed the other
and alas,
the fates have crossed;
and from here we ne'er return,
except for the rare occasion,
there was something electric
that simmered in the void
of 2 charged elements,
a covalence blew in that civil chasm,
that two knew,
that two felt,
and something new like this,
can it be real?

me and mine is so defeat,
my tuberosity is lost to me,
inside and out,
blastula formation deep caverns
awoke with eyes shining hard,
in the dim of my earth,
life has a beat.

it all rose with one full breath,
a pulmonary rescue,
it must become.
formations must be reformed,
a petition to issue,
a bill to put forth.
some trigger has caused conformational change,
we need to take a while to know,
to respond to numerical codes,
these are crazy cubes that don't fit in
spherical spots
that dot
the landscape on this meteoric membrane, tendonocious, that dino did say.

Prehistoric twenty-first century rots and riots rock the force
of jagged scapes that stand in a disco heat rhythms blow a torch on.

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